Freezetrigger OctoRex Offering

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Submitted by Sterioevo on Wed, 06/29/2011 - 10:45

Linked below is a zip file containing a CV based Octorex combinator Freezetrigger/beatrepeat thingy...

What is unique about this approach is that it applies the processing to rex slices in the sequencer thus retaining the groove of the original rex file (which also means you can apply regroove...).

Here is how it works...

There are 2 combinators - one containing an octorex and one containing the freezetrigger processor.

The Octorex combinator uses the gate/note in to trigger the rex slices. Load the desired rex file you want to use and "copy loop to track". Then drag the resultant rex file to the sequencer track for the freezetrigger combinator.

The freeze trigger combinator processes the rex file as gate triggers that can then be manipulated in the following ways:

  • Button 1 -freeze - the current note is frozen and retriggered by the gate outpout (ie the groove of the rex)
  • Button 2 - 1/8 quantised snced
  • Button 3 - retriggered in sync with random resolution selections from 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 and 1/128
  • Button 4 - retriggered unsynced that can be either randomised by an LFO or manually

Combinations of the above can be activated by pressing 2 buttons simultaneously - for example, pressing button 1 and 4 will freeze the note and retrigger unsynced.

Other controls are as follows:

  • R1 applies a modulation to the unsynced retrigger to "smooth the result"
  • R2 controls the unsynced rate
  • R4 is effectively on off/on control activating the LFO to unsynced rate 
  • Mod and Pitch bend are routed to the mod and oitch bend on the Octorex combinator

The alter notes function applied to the rex patterns in the sequencer can add another dimension as well.

Contents of the zip file:

  • a template rsn file
  • an example rsn file
  • a octorex combinator
  • a freezetrigger combinator

Another idea I have toyed with is controlling the button behaviors as above using a kong as you can merge multiple buttons onto a single pad. If there is any interest in this approach let me know and I will pop something up.

Have fun!

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